About MEML

MEML is a markup language inspired by Lisp. MEML gains inspiration for syntax from Common Lisp, HTML5, CSS, and Clojure. The creation of MEML came about to add to the web, without adding a million lines of code. The design of MEML is to make a simple Lisp-inspired markup language to make web development simple.

Why Another Lisp Markup Language/Framework?

There are several web development frameworks and languages based on Lisp or for a programming language in the Lisp family. MEML aims to be simple, a problem that plagues several of the web frameworks. MEML also aims to be familiar with people who know HTML. A problem with other web frameworks, libraries, and languages for markup in Lisp is that they tend to stray away from HTML for better functionality. MEML is to be usable for people who already know HTML/CSS, without having to learn a whole new programming language.

Basics of MEML

This is a basic MEML file:

// A simple MEML file
(charset "UTF-8")
(viewport 1)
(title "a site made in MEML"))
(p "A website made in MEML"))